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Be Nature, Naturally !

        Noshram is a shared liminal zone wherein you, the Seeker, re-discover authentic Self and celebrate,  “Nature”. It’s the last ‘re-sort’ to all the Seekers who feel lost in the maze of  ‘guru-given’ spiritualities; and the best start-up to Beginner – Seekers.


The Concept

Noshram or இல்லிடம் (illidam) is a zone of shared liminality, which is transitional, transnational and transformational; where seeker-partners reinvent the unique ordinariness of their lives through sensorial witnessing [darshan] of that ordinariness resplendent in harmony with body, nature and culture.

 The Motto

 Noshram is guided by the principle, ‘Be Simple. Simply Be.’ This tagline underscores the vital life-truth that freedom has umbilical connectivity to simplicity, and not grandiosity.

The Word

‘Noshram’ is a portmanteau formed of ‘No’ and ‘Ashram’. It means “an ashram that is not an ashram.” Its Thamizh equivalent இல்லிடம் (illidam), a combination of இல் (il) and இடம் (idam), could mean “a place that is home” or “a place that does not exist.” Noshram in this sense is the first of its kind in the world.

















Sudar Ceremony on New moon Day, 04 April 2019

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  • NOSHRAM IS AN IDYLLIC HAVEN   nestling in the foothills of KannagiMalai. Noshram is not a location on the map for travellers with wanderlust but a beautiful destination for people in search of themselves. Noshram is a dwelling place where you come to rest in...