NOSHRAM | Noshram is an Idyllic Haven
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Noshram is an Idyllic Haven

Noshram is an Idyllic Haven



nestling in the foothills of KannagiMalai.

Noshram is not a location on the map for travellers with wanderlust but a beautiful destination for people in search of themselves.

Noshram is a dwelling place where you come to rest in the stillness when the bustle of the world threatens to engulf you.

Noshram is a nurturing place where you can simply be by being simple.

This is a place where you can see the sun pour its molten goodness into your soul and revitalize you every morning.

This is where the night sky displays its sparkling diamonds as it wraps you in its sweetness and lulls you to the most healing sleep only to awaken to a refreshingly energetic morning and sunshine.

When the world seems too much with you…

when the noises seem to batter your nerves…

when the crowds make you feel stifled, breathless…

when you feel lost in the quagmire of life…

…come, just come…

and be with a simple Mentor, Rajanayagam Appaa at this simple place, Noshram.


Here, you will not only find peace, healing, synergy with nature, but also find the trail that you need to follow to fulfill this journey called life.



Chitraa holds Master Degrees in English and Communication, and M.Phil. and Ph.D. in English Literature. She has, close to three decades, creatively combined teaching and media, always mingling with and mentoring young persons.