NOSHRAM | Engage!
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The Mentor Seeker

Addressed affectionately as Appaa (“father”), Dr S. Rajanayagam is the Mentor-Seeker-in-Residence. While sojourning with you as a co-seeker, Appaa as the Mentor makes affirmative interventions to help you re-source the primordial energy within you.

The Gift

The greatest gift (or ‘takeaway’ in corporate jargon) Noshram offers you is the gift of your undivided, authentic self back to you. Thanks to Appaa, you would have your personalized uyir-oli(caph;-xyp), the life-sound, themantra, that keeps you ‘simply be’ at all times.

The Seeker-Partners

Noshram transcends borders of all sorts. It welcomes anyone passionate about life-truth as a seeker-partner(not as a mere participant) and receives her/him into an appropriate level [kosha] corresponding to individual preparedness.Noshram reaches out, given today’s techno-political culture, to digital immigrants (age-group: 20s – 30s) and digital natives (teens and children) as primary seeker-partners-in-action.

The Governance

Noshram is the initiative of Appaa. While he dedicates himself for mentoring, a professional team with members drawn from various walks of life takes care of the governance.


Noshram is neither a workshop nor a training centre. It is envisaged to be ahub of guided activities which in combination contribute to the movement to harmonise with the universe in love and be loving in daily life. Accordingly, the programmes to be provisionally conducted include:



  • SARAL – the flagship programme, with the overarching tagline: ‘Be Simple. Simply Be.’


  • Young Leader – multi-layered engagement with the cyber-generation for service-leadership, with the maxim: ‘Celebrate Service.’


  • People Studies – field-based political culture studies, with the motto: ‘Studying the People is For the People.’


  • Befriending Cancer –wellbeing programmes with special focus on so-called terminal illnesses.