NOSHRAM | Enjoy!
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Noshramic Ambience

Noshram’s architectural design has Five as the pivotal concept – five senses, five elements, five geo-scapes, five levels, and so on.   The structures, accordingly, are five-sided (pentagons), and as close and open to nature as possible, conserving night as night and day as day, with minimum artificial light interface.


Noshramic commune life-style is guided  by ‘be-simple’ maxim; hence all facilities and works are shared and non-descriminatory.

Five Noshramic Levels (Kosha)

There are five levels / ways of engaging with Noshram.

At ARivu Nilai (at Kottam) you get to know Noshramic life-style by involving in Noshram neighbourhood services and other research activities.

Amudhu Nilai (at SutRam) is an opportunity to eating food as one commune transcending human divisions.


Anpu Nilai (at Mutram) is the meta-rational quest into digitalised post-truths in love and trust as Sangam.

AatRal Nilai (at Seivanam – Arboretum) is for discovering the primordial life-force and articulating uyir-oli.

Aakkal Nilai (at Aingkoodal – Confluence of Five’s) is the paradigmatic actualisation of ‘simply-be-ness’, though in a liminal ‘be-simple’ context.

Depending on your psycho-spiriutal disposition you couldengage the appropriate level as volunteer or patron or beneficiary.Appaa will guide you place yourself once you apply / send your request to Noshram.


At Noshram,SARAL [Synergic Apps for Radical Authentic Lifestyle] leads the seeker-partner throughcreative aesthetics ofbio-geo-spirituality to experience the interwoven-ness of senses(புலன்கள்)of the body, thiNais(திணைகள்) of the earth and the elements(பூதங்கள்)of the universe.


SARAL is trans-religious, remarkably spontaneousand contemporary,with knowledge inputs from field-based political-culture studies, and wellness inputs from siddha-yogicand cultural-literarytraditions.

Since SARAL is a dynamic re-initiation into each one’s unique real life, it does not require anyone to cut off from real life. So what is intuitively realised at Noshram is expected to be fullyactionable in actual life situations.

Typical Noshramic Day

05.30 AM : PaLLi Ezhuchi (Wake-up) as Noyoga Practice

06.00 AM : Suriya Varudal (Sun-Embrace)

08.00 AM : Marathadi (Under-Tree) Breakfast

09.00 AM : Biosthetic Task & Santhippu

10.30 AM : Koodal (Gathering) with Ritual Tea at Mutram

12.00 Noon : Uchchi-pozhuthu Utsavam (Mid-day Festivities)

01.00 PM : Virunthu on Banana Leaf

02.00 PM : ‘Be Nature’ at Vanam (Arboretum)

04.00 PM : Bodysoul Cleansing

05.30 PM : Five Elements Encounter – ‘Simply Be’

08.00 PM : Sangam Presided by ‘Mentor-Seeker’ at Mutram

09.00 PM : Pre-sleep Noyoga Practice

09.30 PM : Thuyil (Sleep)