NOSHRAM | Bonfire Primer
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Bonfire Primer


Bonfire Primer

2 DAYS (Friday – Saturday)


Bonfire Primer consists of exciting ‘biosthetic’ (bio+aesthetic) tasks, and illuminating Sangam (‘Satsang’) bonhomie. It’s envisaged to be an inner bonfire to revel in the ‘be-simple-simply-be’ lifestyle; and an initiation into being Nature, Naturally.


Choose Your Dates:


Select the dates that suit your convenience 

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or whatsapp to: +91-90031-82864


     February 1-2
     March 8-9
     April 5-6
     May 3-4
     June 7-8
     July 5-6
     August 2-3
     Sept 13-14
     October 11-12
     November 8-9
     December 6-7