NOSHRAM | Beacon Major
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Beacon Major


Beacon Major

5 DAYS (Friday – Tuesday)


Each Beacon Major programme will have a principal Sangam theme, and personalised biosthetic SARAL tasks. The chosen theme will be collectively explored in Sangam with the guidance and accompaniment of Appaa / specialist Mentor. The SARAL tasks which are creative and therapeutic will be individually prescribed by Appaa during the santhippu (meeting) with him.


Choose Your Dates:


Select the dates that suit your convenience 

and email to:

or whatsapp to: +91-90031-82864


     February 22-26
     March 22-26
     April 19-23
     May 17-21
     June 14-18
     July 26-30
     August 16-20
     Sept 27–Oct 1
     October 25-29
     November 22-26
     December 27-31


Depending on eco-conditions, thrilling night stays including thuyil (sleep) at Illidam (home), thoappu (grove), vanam (forest) or vetta-veli (open air) may be organised to make you live closer to nature.