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Select the dates that suit your convenience 

and email to:

or whatsapp to: +91-90031-82864


Wait for confirmation before making travel arrangements.


Read the FAQs below for more information.




Who can attend the events and programmes in Noshram?

All can.It may be reiterated, Noshram does not exclude anyone based on sex, caste, education, age, religion, class, nationality, colour and so on. While it welcomes all age groups, it seeks to address primarily the concerns of the youth, digital immigrants and digital natives.


How much would it cost?

Noshram in principle does not charge any fee for any of its services. However, when you take part in Bonfire Primer and Beacon Major, you are expected to share the expenses for boarding, lodging and maintenance. Kindly contact the Office for details.

You are welcome to contribute more, if you could afford, to support Noshram’s outreach activities.


After attending a Re-Treat, can I extend my stay for a longer duration?

Yes, depending on the necessity and urgency of the biosthetic tasks, if any, which could not be completed during the Re-Treat. The duration of stay will be decided by Appaa in consultation with you. You need to adhere to Noshramic life-style during your stay. Remember, Noshram is not a Hotel where you stay and carry on with your personal works.


Where do I stay, if I come for the Festives (Full Moon / New Moon, etc.)?

You do not need to stay in Noshram when you come for Full Moon / New Moon Festives. In case you travel long distances, and need accommodation for a day, do check with the Office about the availability.


Outside the programme days mentioned in the calendar, can I stay in Noshram?

It depends on the purpose. If you are on a sincere quest and unable to attend the programme on the specified days, you could meet / consult Appaa, who would decide whether staying is required. Please note, Noshram cannot be used as a lodge for tourists.


What about food?

We cook a healthy, nutritious and balanced food, exclusively vegetarian, not because it is a value in itself but because of convenience. Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited on health grounds. So, if you have any of these habits and unable to give up, at least temporarily, you may have to wait to attend the programmes till you are ready.


Will I have a single room?

No. Single-room stay is against the Il.lidam principle. We live together at Aingkoodalconsisting of five illams each of which is designed to accommodate five persons.


What are the things I should bring for Re-Treats?

To align with Noshramic ‘be-simple’ maxim, bring only two sets of clothes, preferably cotton, light-weight, white / with simple design – easy to wash and quick to dry. Chudithar type may be more convenient than sarees. Vaetti (dhoti) is preferred to pants. Shorts and T-shirts will be helpful in certain tasks.

Koarai mat, bed-sheets, and pillow, if needed, will be provided.Avoid soaps, lotions, perfumes and cosmetics which are not eco-friendly.


Should I have to bring anything for Arulvakku?

Just a handful of dry turmeric roots. It is important to acquire this from where you start your journey. More importantly, come in the forenoon on the scheduled days (NiRaimathi and MaRaimathi) with Arulvakku as the sole purpose of your visit.


What about reading books during free time? Is there a library?

You don’t have to come to Noshram to read books! There is no conventional library here. We have, instead, a live “bio-geo library” which facilitates you “to read” living entities.

There is no ‘free time’ here either. On the contrary, all the time is free, as you are here for a freeing experience.


Can we access mobile and other electronic gadgets in Noshram?

Well, Noshram is situated at a vantage point, so you have connectivity to most of the networks most of the times. However, once you’ve entered Noshram you’ve committed yourself to live as a commune close to Nature; so if your ‘mobiling’ – or anything for that matter – is going to hinder the wholesome experience of noshramic life-style, it will have to be avoided. You have to use your discretion.


What are the Noshram’s outreach activities?

The main one is sharing Amudhu (‘anna-dhanam’) at SutRam – our ideal is to make food available for anyone, any time of the day [our dining hall does not have doors at all]. We are aware, this is not going to solve the problem of world hunger, but it is a symbolic cum concrete way of sharing with the hungry as equals [we eat with them]. Another major activity concerns people-centred field studies in the direction of building a knowledge-action movement. Yet another area encompasses educational (computer, media, life-skills, etc.) and wellness activities for the residents of Paliyankudi tribal settlement and surrounding hamlets, including the worker families scattered in the neighbouring farms.


You have chosen Full Moon / New Moon days for Festives. Why? Is it a Hindu worship?

No. Noshram does not subscribe to any religion, and we don’t discuss religious beliefs here. Nor do we ‘worship’ anything here. We are in a pursuit of living organically closer to Nature and as Nature. Accordingly, visible cosmic movements are chosen as occasions for celebrating our (human) nature’s inter-relatedness to Nature. Relevant and meaningful traits from Thamizh / South Indian culture, literatureand philosophy incorporated in Noshramic life-stylecannot, obviously, make it ‘Hindu.’



 Love. Just Love.