NOSHRAM | Celebrating Bodily Universe
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Celebrating Bodily Universe


Celebrating Bodily Universe




Re-Treat programmes are organised with the guiding principle: “Be Simple. Simply Be.” The aim is to harmonise with the universe in love and be loving in daily life. The ‘SARAL Approach’ is employed to enable you, the Seeker, to have a tharisanam [darshan – sensorial witnessing] of the inter-connectedness of body, nature and culture, and have your personalized uyir-oli [life-sound], the ‘mantra,’ that keeps you ‘simply be’ at all times.

Two types of Re-Treats are offered every month: Twoday Bonfire Primer (for those with specific needs, and desire to have a taste of noshramic life-style) and Five-day Beacon Major (for those who want to query further and journey farther).


Bonfire Primer 2 DAYS (Friday – Saturday)


Beacon Major 5 DAYS (Friday – Tuesday)


All programmes start at 09.30 AM on Friday with Investiture at Kottam; and close with Tea Ceremony at Mutram at 04.30 PM on the final day [Saturday / Tuesday].